eHealthier’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

At eHealthier we provide physicians, health providers, hospitals, mental health providers, health insurers and injury insurers value-based healthcare platforms that enable patients and clients to complete electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measures.

Let our specifically selected VBHC protocols or VBHC population survey introduce the new data set of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and make your life easier. At eHealthier, we provide physicians, health providers, hospitals, health insurers and injury insurers a platform enabling patients and clients to complete electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measures¹. ePROMs measure outcomes that are important to patients and clients.

Specifically, we provide physicians and health professionals the capacity to select the ePROMs most appropriate for their individual patients or clients. The clients/patients complete the ePROMs on their digital device and their ePROM scores compared to normal values are available to both the physician and patients. These new tools measure a client’s progress to total well-being.

“Working with our partners, we measure and treat reductions in function until full function is restored.”

This is consistent with moves by governments, health organisations and insurers worldwide who are seeking ways to reduce the number of people succumbing to injury, disease or chronic ailments.

At eHealthier, we focus on restoring patients in the quickest time possible to a state where they can function to a degree that represents, for them, their best achievable ‘quality of life’.

Our goal, working together with our healthcare and insurer partners, is to measure and treat those suffering reductions in function… until full function is restored!

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¹ ePROMs are electronic quantified measurement results of a patient completed questionnaire that has reliability and validity in relation to the health function being assessed.