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“The overriding concern of doctors, health and injury insurers should be the optimal health of their clients.”

Dr Eddie Price

eHealthier simplifies the use and management of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) to enable Value Based Health Care (VBHC) for populations. The eHealthier platform provides data capture, data management, analysis and reporting, all in a secure easy to use cloud platform.

The brainchild of Dr Eddie Price, the eHealthier platform was developed to help health practitioners and health care administrators provide holistic, value based healthcare for their clients with measurable results.

Use of PROMs has been proven to be effective and brings traditional Newtonian medical practice (the body as a machine) into the 21st century, incorporating social, lifestyle and environmental elements, treating the person and their wellbeing holistically with modern systems theory and dissipative structures concepts.

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The Genesis of eHealthier

Dr Price studied medicine at Sydney University and found himself a little lacking in the practice of medicine. He discovered that he had a knack in management theory in the practice of medicine and completed further studies in Health Administration at the University of New South Wales.

It didn’t take long for Dr Price to realise that medicine traditionally measured life expectancy or mortality rates and didn’t take into account most of what doctors do:

  1. 40% is restoring function or improving health related quality of life;
  2. 30% is relieving distress (or caring);
  3. 20% is preventing disease and disability.

These aren’t measured.

To be successful, as often quoted in management and wellbeing circles, you need a goal or objective – quantified and time specific.

For healthcare to be successful, you need to measure what matters and set quantified goals to be achieved within a certain time.

PROMs targets the first 40% of what doctors do. The eHealthier platform is a next-generation system that also targets the next 50% of doctor activity – relieving distress and preventing disease and disability.

Learn more about PROMs and eHealthier, or contact Dr Price and his team for a discussion about improving patient wellbeing and a demonstration of the eHealthier platform.

Implement a PROMs system with eHealthier.