STOP DRINKING WITH ANDREW JOHNSON English hypnotist and stress-management coach Andrew Johnson has been helping people find calm and order for almost two decades. Now, he brings his relaxation techniques and visualization tools to alcohol addiction recovery. Whether you’ve only just begun your journey or you’ve been alcohol-free for several decades, Johnson’s techniques may help you find calm and tranquillity so you can handle stress without turning to alcohol USD $4.99 iPhone or AUD $3.03 ANDROID Guided meditations – require patient to self administer meditation when needed or at set time throughout the day
ALCO-DROID ALCOHOL TRACKER When you’ve had too much to drink or have difficulties remembering how much you’ve consumed, this app can help. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker lets you count the number of drinks you’ve had on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These numbers are useful for anyone looking to see how much they really drink. If you’re trying to reduce your drink count, set a goal and track it to see how well you’re doing. An in-app blood alcohol calculator also gives you a reading of how intoxicated you are and shows an estimated level of sobriety. If accountability is key to your goals, share your drinks via social apps or email for others to see ANDROID ONLY – FREE Structured data collection – set a goal and monitor your progress
12 STEPS AA COMPANION Thanks to your smartphone, you can now carry the wisdom of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) with you wherever you go. This app maintains a running sobriety calculator, so you know just how long you’ve been sober. It also includes all of text and tools found in “The Big Book” to help you study and remember important passages. If you want to encourage others with an uplifting message, the Notes section lets you share via Facebook, Twitter, or email. If you’re ever in an unfamiliar city and need to find a meeting, this app can direct you to nearby offices and meeting destinations iPhone USD $2.99 & ANDROID AUD $2.68 Linked to AA – global resource. Structured data entry to monitor progress plus access to supportive information
I AM SOBER Visualization is important in achieving any goal, and sobriety is no exception. As you make the journey towards a sober lifestyle, this app shows you your progress. In fact, as you continue to use the app, the homepage shows you how many years, months, and days you’ve been sober. There’s also a countdown to your next milestone for extra inspiration. For some additional help, the app features a daily notification that acts as an electronic buddy system to remind you of your goals and progress iPhone USD $4.49 & ANDROID AUD $2.20 Structured app – sends daily notifications linked to your goal. Records your progress.