Book Alert – Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care

In a recent book, “Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care”, the authors, Appleby, Devlin and Parkin, demonstrate how in multiple ways Patient Reported Outcome Mesasures (PROMs) can improve healthcare.

It is a practical, introductory guide to the best use of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) to improve the quality of health care and patient health.

  • Introduces, explains and shows how PROMs can be best used to improve healthcare and patient outcomes 
  • Includes real life examples and case studies of PROMs in practice 
  • Assesses the growing evidence base for PROMs in practice 
  • Editor team from the UK Office of Health Economics (OHE), The King’s Fund and King’s College London with contributions from practising clinicians, GPs and other healthcare professionals

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One of the most effective tools to help overcome long term issues, PROMs helps:

  • To reduce hospital adverse events and achieve the largest improvement in the Health and Safety and Quality Patient Care.
  • In the GP environment for the first time to integrate Primary Health Clinical Care and Public Health.
  • In medicine, they are the agency to move from the Newtonian medicine to Einsteinian medicine.

In this way medicine will incorporate the great advances of physics in the last 100 years, to be really medicine based on modern science.

Easily use PROMs to improve healthcare.

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