Recent Australian publications echo the continuing advocay for PROMS. Dr Zachary Tan of the startup CancerAId states about the app Pulse and IT 23/8/18 “For clinicians the power of the app is its patient-reported outcomes(PRO or PROMs) capability,which Dr Tan described as THE MISSING LINK between the patient and their clinicians.” ICHOM calls PROMs OutcomesContinue reading “PROMs THE MISSING LINK”

Exciting ePROM Start to 2017!

January 2017 produced two publications that are likely to add significantly to interest and uptake of ePROMs in 2017. Lancet On-line Lead Article of the 8th Jan 2017 was a 4 part paper entitled “Right Care”  These papers confirmed again that overuse of healthcare was estimated as 30% of the expenditure on healthcare in developedContinue reading “Exciting ePROM Start to 2017!”

Redesign of the practice incentive program

The Australian government’s current consultative process has the potential to catapult Australia’s health system to be the world’s best practice. The key decision is whether the health minister is bold enough to include in the new Quality improvement incentive patient reported outcome measurement. These new tools  are the catalyst that will change all of theContinue reading “Redesign of the practice incentive program”

PROMs: The Catalyst to Change Healthcare

In a new book published in 2016 in the U.K. “Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care”, the authors,  Appleby, Devlin and Parkin, demonstrate how in multiple ways PROMs can improve healthcare. In Australia there is also movement with the Victorian DHHS starting to collect PROMs from 01/07/2017. PROMs are also probably the mostContinue reading “PROMs: The Catalyst to Change Healthcare”

PROMs to be Compulsory in UK Private Hospitals

In an interesting development, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK has regulated that from April 2017 all private hospitals must collect and report  data collected by PROMs in 11 procedures. This reporting will be done through the Private Health Information Network (PHIN) and thus publicly available. The PHIN foreshadows an additional 13Continue reading “PROMs to be Compulsory in UK Private Hospitals”

Western healthcare managerial errors

2. Aligning accountability with responsibility Wellness (“Wellbeing”) Programmes offered by employers would be better provided by Primary Care Physicians. Good management practice aligns responsibility with accountability. Employer-run wellness programmes make the management mistake of separating responsibility from accountability. Should an employee develop a non-work related illness, e.g. “kidney disease”, is the employer accountable? Physicians areContinue reading “Western healthcare managerial errors”

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Western Health Systems Management Errors. There are a number of fundamental management theory mistakes, that continue today that have led to under-performance and continue to do so that I will highlight in the next few blogs. 1 Failure to define and then measure the correct objectives of the healthcare system. There have always been 4Continue reading “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

A Healthier Medicare – MBS item numbers

Further to my previous blog post (see New Item Numbers in Medicare could help Save Billions!) as far as achieving the desired aims of both the Primary Health Care Advisory Group and Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce, I would recommend the following new or adjusted item numbers. Preventing PPHA (Potentially Preventable Hospital Admissions) as set out inContinue reading “A Healthier Medicare – MBS item numbers”

New Item Numbers in Medicare could help Save Billions!

The Healthier Medicare Review of the MBS  schedule of fees offers a unique opportunity to indeed create a healthier Medicare by the inclusion of  Patient Reported Outcomes as a requirement for a variety of Primary Care as well as specialist surgical procedure item numbers. Relevant item numbers would include those for operations on the prostate,Continue reading “New Item Numbers in Medicare could help Save Billions!”