eHealthier for Health Services

Doctor. By Gustavo Fring.

Globally and across Australia, federal, state and local health districts are recognising the benefits of using Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and the central part they play in improving health outcomes and implementation of Value Based Health Care (VBHC).

Some benefits of using the eHealthier platform PROMs and VBHC include:

  • Lead the revolution into quality.
  • Make the patient the central player.
  • Demonstrate health gain in your population from year to year.
  • Increase accountability for health gain for the health care providers in your region.
  • Establish competition between providers to achieve positive health outcomes.
  • Increase shared decision making between patient and health professional.

Utilise eHealthier’s generic health measures together with its PROMs web based app to:

  • Improve your population’s health and measure the improvement.
  • By highlighting reductions in function before it becomes illness.
  • Allow movement to preventive medicine and lifestyle prescriptions.
  • Use the focus on functional health status to promote reduction in drug prescriptions.
  • Save millions of dollars by re-orientating your providers from treatment to preventive focus by utilising functional health measures and database technology, utilising eHealthier’s PROMs.

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