Functional Health


ePROMs measure outcomes that are important to not only patients and clients but more lately also to the providers and payers of healthcare.

Value is described as improvements in health outcomes (ePROM scores) divided by the costs.  In doing so, value-based healthcare has sought to re-orient health service delivery to provide improved patient outcomes while reducing the overall cost of delivery.Most people attend a doctor to improve their everyday healthy functioning. They report a sore shoulder, a bad back or a painful knee in the hope that the treating doctor will be able to treat the poorly performing area and ultimately restore them to normal ‘functional health status’.

The term ‘functional health’ reached a new level of acceptance in 2001 when the World Health Organisation (WHO) elevated ‘functioning’ and ‘functional health status’ to its rightful position as a central parameter in measuring a person’s health.

“ePROMs are a new generation of scientifically sound measurement tools can now measure a person’s functional health status.”

Health is best defined as a positive sense of physical, psychological and social well-being combined with an ability to function in the community without undue pain or anxiety, with the confidence too that care and comfort will be available in times of illness for a natural lifespan.

Thanks to advances in computer science over the past 40 years, and particularly in the field of psychometrics, a new generation of scientifically sound measurement tools can now measure a person’s functional health status – initially referred to as PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) combined with advances in IT they are beginning to be referred to as ePROMs (or Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measures). ePROMs offer a high level of precision and provide stable, replicable, dependable information about a person’s functioning that can be completed with minimal impact on the patient’s time regardless of their location (they can be taken on smart phones, tablets, iPads and desktop PCs).

We have hand-picked the best and most useful ePROMs for physicians, health professionals and  injury insurers. These are brief, scientifically developed and validated  questionnaires that measure functional health over time.