Measuring Functional Health


The main aim of medicine and healthcare is the restoration of healthy functioning. At eHealthier, we use latest developments in IT to efficiently measure a person’s functional health by collecting their responses to carefully designed Patient Reported Outcome Measures electronically (ePROMs) so we can set about restoring well being.

eHealthier principal Dr. Eddie Price believes that if medicine and healthcare is to be effective, it must be measured. Applying the principles of science, he has reviewed the literature which outlines four distinct roles for medicine. These are prolonging life (10% approx.); relieving distress (30% approx.); RESTORING FUNCTION (40% approx.) and preventing disability (20% approx.)

“Our goal, working in partnership with you, is to restore a patient’s wellbeing in record time, every time!”

eHealthier focuses specifically on measuring and restoring ‘functional health’, a term first coined in 1952 by public health pioneer Paul Anthony Lembcke. Specifically, our functional health assessments help you:

  • Track changes over time
  • Determine the effects medical and surgical treatments are having
  • Make sure new treatments help
  • Improve patient and client engagement
  • Empower and encourage your client/patient to participate in his or her own healthcare