Become a market leader in improving the health of your members while identifying and eliminating waste. 

      • Have your members take a central role.
      • Demonstrate improved health and quality of life (Functional Health Status).
      • Radically reduce inappropriate hospital admissions by reducing inappropriate invasive treatments and investigations on high risk patients.
      • Measure health gain by treatment providers.
      • Utilise eHealthier’s web-based App with Generic and disease specific ePROMs database technology to monitor the change in a patient’s Health Status over time.
      • Retain membership by offering HRQOL (PROMIS Global 10) measures for those members who do not claim in one year.
      • Hold allied health workers (eg. Physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, remedial masseurs) accountable for health gain achieved by measuring members’ functional health status pre- and post-treatment to determine health gain achieved.
      • Hold contracted hospitals “accountable” for health gain achieved on hospitalised members, by measuring functional health status (PROMIS Global 10) on admission, at discharge and four months post-discharge to determine health gain.
      • Work with GPs and Primary Health Networks to improve Functional Health using ePROMs, encouraging lifestyle prescriptions and substituting drug prescriptions where possible.
      • Add the PROMIS Global 10 assessment to your wellness programme.

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