health services imageHEALTH SERVICES

Federal, State and Local Health Districts

      • Lead the revolution into quality.
      • Make the patient the central player.
      • Demonstrate health gain in your population from year to year.
      • Increase accountability for health gain for the health care providers in your region.
      • Establish competition between providers to achieve positive health outcomes
      • Increase shared decision making between patient and health professional

Utilise eHealthier’s Generic Health measures (PROMIS Global 10) together with its ePROMs Web-based App to:

      • Improve your population’s health and measure the improvement.
      • By highlighting reductions in function before it becomes illness.
      • Allow movement to preventive medicine and lifestyle prescriptions.
      • Use the focus on functional health status to promote reduction in drug prescriptions.
      • Save millions of dollars by re-orientating your providers from treatment to preventive focus by utilising functional health measures and database technology, utilising eHealthier’s ePROMs.