Injury Insurers


Reduce your claim costs with our protocols that empower clients and focus them on moving forward. At eHealthier, we work with you to achieve an optimal outcome and this involves:

  • Minimising the cost of each individual claim
  • Ensuring the insured is happy with the outcome, be it the employer or the injured party
  • Ensuring the worker regains pre-injury productivity
  • Ensuring the injured party regains pre-injury health status

“Health Outcome tests offer a special benefit to injury insurers, dramatically reducing claim costs for permanent impairment.” 2

Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) reintroduced ‘functional health’ in 2001 into the medical lexicon, researchers largely focused on the dimensions of functional health. Hundreds of Health Outcomes tests have been developed to measure functional health and eHealthier has hand-picked the most appropriate of these for injury insurers.

eHealthier recommends that injury insurers utilise one generic Health Outcomes tool to measure functional health status, and one body-specific Health Outcomes tool. These are measured regularly over the life of a claim.

These measures produce functional health status ‘scores’ that are valid, reliable and scientifically sound. They measure Health Outcomes “over time” and give injury insurers clear indications to determine if treatment is reasonable or necessary.


2 NCCI. Impact on Impairment Ratings from switching to AMA’s 6th Edition Guides to the
Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (July 2012)