Sleep time Sleep analysis app and alarm clock. Interface: Sleep Time+ has a calming dark blue background that makes it easy on your eyes at night.

Usability: Get a full analysis of your nightly sleep patterns with the colorful graphics and stats. You can also use the app as a daily alarm. Set the alarm with one gesture and have it wake you up when you’re most rested.

USD$7.99 to USD$46.99 on both android and apple Detailed analysis draws awareness to sleeping patterns which can be easily viewed in detailed graphs. alarm works to wake you up during a phase of lighter sleep where you wake up with ease and feel more rested than being harshly awoken during deep sleep.
Sleep Genius Usability: Select a relaxation or timed sleep program and let the app go to work. When it’s time to wake up, the app will use a gentle alarm to bring you out of your meditation, nap, or night’s sleep. Deep blues and blacks remind you of a night sky. Text and graphics are very easy to read over the tranquil backdrop. USD$7.99 on iPhone or Free on Android with in app purchase Program formulated from top scientific research on neuroscience (NASA uses the same research/program to help get astronauts to sleep). App gently guides you to sleep, monitors your sleep cycles and then gently wakes you in a light sleeping phase where you wake feeling rested and refreshed.