At the forefront of Value Based Health Care (VBHC) and Patient Reported Measures, read publications by eHealthier’s Medical Director and CEO, Dr Eddie Price.

Is Medicine Really Necessary? 1985 rePublished 1994 as Health Outcomes.A new Way of Defining and Manging Health

Highlighting the paucity of health outcomes measures at the time, Dr Eddie Price offers insight into his own patient-reported Health Status Measurement tool to quantify health – these have, since 2007, been referred to as PROMs or Patient Reported Outcome Measures.

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Health Outcomes. A new Way of Defining and Managing Health.

Although published in 1985, this book is particularly relevant today, with the major move to Health Outcomes.

Utilising delightful doctor/patient encounters, taken from his own clinical experience, Dr Price discovers the real objective of the patients attendance at the GP.

Learn about readily implementable solutions to measuring health outcomes and managing health and wellbeing.

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SUPRAMEDICINE: From Health Outcomes to Outcome Medicine

By applying Systems Theory to human health, Dr Price, points out that current medicine almost exclusively dealt with the subsystems of the human body.

Realising that the techniques used to achieve valid and reliable measures for Health-Related Quality of Life could now be used to measure the individual’s health systems “above the human body” – the “SUPRA” systems.

This would include “measures of family/community support and the person’s interrelationship with the health system”, previously termed as “relieving distress”.

Learn about the revolutionary techniques and tools for quantifying the suprasystems for each individual patient and how Dr Price utilised these diagnostic tools in his own preventive occupational health practice.

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So You Think Medicine is Modern: Revolutionising Health Care for the 21st Century

Disappointed by the lack of uptake in the utilisation of Health Outcomes into routine day-to-day medical practice, Dr Price was confronted by the objection that as these measures were patients’ responses to questions – they were “subjective” and therefore not good science. Medicine, said the doctors, was based in science, which was objective.

This made no sense to Dr Price, who considered himself an advocate for scientific medicine.

He vowed to find the science that would prove that “Outcomes Medicine” was not only based on good science but the latest science.

Read how Dr Price, with scientific backing, presents “Complexity Medicine,” now known as “Outcomes Medicine”, and how it enables a new form of digitised medicine that will revolutionise healthcare improving Health Outcomes and drastically reducing costs.

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Out of His Mind. Medical Revoluntary?


Kirstine Mckay BCG Publishing 2019

In Search of the New Medicine. Follow Dr Price`s lifetime pursuit of a more

effective Medicine,concluding with the realisation,that PROMs facilitate a second model of medical practice, activity (wave) medicine that complements current biomedical (particle )medicine and together they create Einsteinian ( Quantum Mechanical) Medicine.

This is now possible for the first time due to IT and Psychometric Theory (PROMs) advances.

When introduced in the OECD and worldwide via eHealthier`s platform will result in an exponential improvement in Health Outcomes.

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