CRAVING TO QUIT Craving to Quit is a 21-day program that’s based on research from Yale University. The program is available for a free three-day trial and then for $1 each day. Videos help to guide you through each step of the process. You can also set personal goals and reminders. Craving to Quit takes you one step at a time until you reach the zero cigarette mark iPhone and ANDROID – first 3 days free then $1 per day Structured app – daily activities / videos to guide you towards quitting. you can set goals and reminders that coordinate with the apps existing program
GET RICH OR DIE SMOKING This app has a catchy title going for it, and a lot more. It goes further than just showing you how much money you save by not buying cigarettes. It also shows you what you can now buy with that money instead! You can chart your progress and choose to reward yourself with trophies. You still get to see the health progress you’re making, and if you were to give in to a craving, there’s a relapse button to hold you accountable FREE – iPhone and ANDROID Structured app / can view your progress and offers ‘rewards’ – relapse function increases usability
KWIT If you like games, you’ll like Kwit. The app uses the same techniques to help you quit smoking as game designers use to keep you playing their products and staying engaged. As you progress, you advance levels. There are also 60 achievements to unlock, some of which have information about the health benefits you’re getting from staying smoke-free FREE – ANDROID & iPhone A game app to maintain motivation and connected to your goal of quitting smoking
LIVESTRONG MY QUIT COACH Livestrong MyQuit Coach is a virtual coach that allows you to create a personalized plan for quitting. It’s approved by doctors and easy to use. The app lets you choose to go cold turkey or gradually taper off. Along the way, it provides inspirational tips, facts about quitting, and achievement badges so that you remember to feel proud of yourself on your path toward a healthier lifestyle FREE – iPhone and ANDROID Helps you to set up how you will quit. flexible but provides reminders / encouraging and educational information as you progress towards your goal.
QUIT PRO Quit Pro lets you track every cigarette you smoke, or don’t smoke. This gives you valuable information about your habits, like what moods or times of day are more likely to bring on a cigarette craving, so that you can develop a quitting strategy. It will even tell you the places where you’re most likely to end up smoking. Once you know your patterns, and when you’re most vulnerable, you can start to make changes to set yourself up for success FREE – ANDROID & IPHONE Structured data app – creating awareness through data analysis of your habits. good to use in conjunction with a visualisation app.
QUIT SMOKING: QUITNOW! QuitNow! allows you to join a community of over 2 million people who have successfully overcome their smoking addiction. The app helps to remind you why you’re doing it so you keep your eye on the prize. You can get and give encouraging messages using the chat feature. Earn achievements for reaching your goals and then share them with fellow quitters. FREE – ANDROID AND IPHONE community based app – connect with others, monitor progress
QUIT SMOKING WITH ANDREW JOHNSON Like most bad habits, smoking can become a deeply rooted part of your routine. Sometimes it takes thinking outside the box to break through and make a change. Andrew Johnson’s program uses hypnosis to help you relax and give you the encouragement you need to quit smoking. This clinical hypnotherapist uses deep relaxation to help send messages to your subconscious to help you kick the habit. 2.99 IPHONE & ANDROID self administered visualisations. good to use in combination with a more structured app.
SMOKE FREE Log your habits and cravings, track how many cigarettes you’ve successfully not smoked, and learn how much your health is improving with every step on the no smoking track. If you need some extra help and motivation, the app creates missions for you to complete FREE – IPHONE ONLY structured data with educational information plus goal setting available to boost motivation