Software Solution

Capture, manage, analyse and report Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) and their related Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) for patient/client populations.

Secure, online and simple to use, the eHealthier platform includes over 20 clinically proven and internationally recognised PROMs to support the delivery of Value Based Health Care (VBHC) and data driven and shared decision making in the health practitioner’s office, practice management, employee and insurance health management, and government agency based population health management.

Outcome measurement is a proven, effective and practical way to holistically manage patient quality of life as a Needs Assessment and diagnostic tool, prevention, and through management of treatments.


  • Measure and track patient functional health and “Quality of Life”, focusing on preventative care and patient experience
  • Support and assist Provider/ physician effectiveness
  • Increase value provided to patients
  • Supports healthcare “Quadruple Aims”
    • improved patient experience
    • lower costs
    • improved Provider/ physician experience
    • better outcomes
  • Facilitates healthcare benchmarking
  • Enable Continuous Quality Improvement in the delivery of healthcare


  • Over 20 clinically proven, internationally recognised PROMs including ICHOM Standard Sets
  • Preventive and “Cared-for” health metrics
  • Integrated analysis and reporting for population data
  • Secure, Australian cloud software as a service
  • Built by Australian health practitioners for Australian health practitioners
  • Appicable to OECD and worldwide health practitioners

Solution Overview

A great solution is more than just software. eHealthier provides full service solution delivery including:

  • eHealthier web platform
  • Change management guidance
  • Clinical PROMs training for healthcare providers
  • eHealthier user training (healthcare providers and administrators)
  • Data transfer service (patient records import)
  • Documentation
    • Practitioner quick guides
    • Information and guides for patients
  • Software technical support
  • PROMs advisory services

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