SELF HELP FOR ANXIETY MGMT The Self-Help for Anxiety Management (SAM) app from the University of the West of England can help you regain control of your anxiety and emotions. Tell the app how you’re feeling, how anxious you are, or how worried you are. Then let the app’s self-help features walk you through some calming or relaxation practices. If you want, you can connect with a social network of other SAM users. Don’t worry, the network isn’t connected to larger networks like Twitter or Facebook, so you won’t be putting your feelings on blast FREE IPHONE & ANDROID flexible app – requires patients input initially then offers suggestions for mgmt
RELAX & REST GUIDED MEDITATIONS While group meetings and discussions are always an option, some people find relaxation more easily on their own. This app lets you relax in the space of your own home or office with three guided meditations. Breath Awareness Guided Meditation (5 minutes), Deep Rested Guided Meditation (13 minutes), and Whole Body Guided Relaxation (24 minutes) are designed specifically to help you relax and sink into a peaceful meditation moment IPHONE – 1.99 ANDROID 1.49 simple, easy to access guided meditations. self administerd.
WORRY WATCH Anxiety can often be triggered by the little things. Worry Watch is a journal app designed to help you track and record those everyday anxieties. It aims to provide a deeper understanding of our worry patterns and remind us of how we coped in the past. Train yourself with Worry Watch and never again let everyday stress stop you from being your best IPHONE – 1.99 creates awareness of behaviours through daily tracking.
HEADSPACE Headspace is made for people who find it hard to make time for relaxation. In just 10-minute sessions, Headspace teaches the basics of meditation. The app also tracks your progress and lets you keep tabs on your friends’ practice. If the initial session provides results, you can sign up for the subscription service and access hundreds of hours of additional guided and unguided meditations. It’s meditation made easy IPHONE & ANDROID – Free ($12.99 to $94.99 for additional sessions)
INNER BALANCE An innovative approach to wellness monitoring, Inner Balance works in partnership with a sensor to measure heart rhythms and stress levels. The sensor clips to your earlobe and automatically charts its findings within the app. The app aims to reduce exhaustion, improve mental focus, and improve our ability to shift from high anxiety to low anxiety states. Best of all, sessions take only three to five minutes, so they are easy to fit into your daily life IPHONE ONLY structured app. required purchasing extra equipment.
HAPPIFY A positive mindset is crucial in overcoming any challenge, including alcohol abuse. Equipped with games, this app uses science to help elevate your mood. You can choose from a variety of categories to increase your happiness level, whether you want to boost gratefulness or even empathy. In addition to the happiness-inspired games, the app helps you set a goal as well as a timeframe for completion. This can act as a happy reminder of your sobriety goals IPHONE ONLY – FREE game orientated app to boost mood and create positive mindset. set goals within the app and monitor progress as you go.