A Healthier Medicare is policy!

Australia’s current Federal Health Minister, Sussan Ley, has embarked on a review of Medicare particularly the Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) and complex and chronic conditions in Primary Health Care known as the Healthier Medicare Initiative. This is an exciting development in the move to the broader adoption of Outcomes based medicine in Australia, with itsContinue reading “A Healthier Medicare is policy!”

Health Outcomes ‘morph’ to ePROMs

With the ubiquity of ‘smart’ mobile and wearable devices that measure a person’s functioning over time and are usually within an arm’s length of the owner, the possibility of monitoring patients utilising either these wearable devices or in the first instance allowing them access any time any where to complete shortform questionnaires, health outcomes areContinue reading “Health Outcomes ‘morph’ to ePROMs”

Signs Emerging of a New Approach to Health Care

The demographic and financial paths before the Western developed world are proving to be catalysts to address what were once considered intractable problems with delivery of widespread quality health care. Finally focus is moving towards the outcomes of medical care as a means for evaluating the success (or otherwise) of interventions. However to measure outcomes, weContinue reading “Signs Emerging of a New Approach to Health Care”