The Strategy That Will Fix Health Care

Around the world, every health care system is struggling with rising costs and uneven quality, despite the hard work of well-intentioned, well-trained clinicians. Health care leaders and policy makers have tried countless incremental fixes—attacking fraud, reducing errors, enforcing practice guidelines, making patients better “consumers,” implementing electronic medical records—but none have had much impact. It’s timeContinue reading “The Strategy That Will Fix Health Care”

Positive Feedback Loop for Improving Services

It’s often said, “What gets measured gets managed,” a quote often attributed to management consultant Peter Drucker. Collecting patient feedback can be vital to guiding general practice services and meeting patient needs. Collecting and responding to patient feedback is considered such a key aspect of general practice operations that it is enshrined into the RACGP’sContinue reading “Positive Feedback Loop for Improving Services”

Book Alert – Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care

In a recent book, “Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care”, the authors, Appleby, Devlin and Parkin, demonstrate how in multiple ways Patient Reported Outcome Mesasures (PROMs) can improve healthcare. It is a practical, introductory guide to the best use of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) to improve the quality of health care and patientContinue reading “Book Alert – Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care”

PROMs help deliver ‘highest success’ surgeries

Five spine surgeons discuss patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in spine and how they have influenced their practice. “[PROMs] are really imperative to evaluate how well your different operations or procedures are performing.” TODD LANMAN, MD. BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA Read more at Beckersspine… Learn how to incorporate PROMS into your practice.

Patient-Reported Outcomes That May Affect Treatment Decisions in Prostate Cancer

Many established therapies for metastatic prostate cancer (mPrCa) have known side effects that can affect a patient’s quality of life. PROMS can assist in providing high-quality care and improve patient’s experience. Four trials with actual PROM data showed that by using their respective PROMs, there was at least maintenance of or improvement in QOL outcomes.Continue reading “Patient-Reported Outcomes That May Affect Treatment Decisions in Prostate Cancer”

Value-Based Health Care Conference

The inaugural Value-Based Health Care Conference will be held in Perth and online in May 2021 to raise awareness of value-based healthcare (VBHC) and the work being done in this area across any/all disease types or conditions. VBHC focusses on delivering the outcomes that matter most to patients at the optimal cost. This approach is alreadyContinue reading “Value-Based Health Care Conference”

History of Medicine – From Magic to Science to Wellbeing

In early civilisations, there was no distinction between “rational science” and magic, and so far as to sometimes involve the calling of deities. However, empirical observations of illness and the reaction to treatment eventually were systematically recorded, later following scientific methods. In the West, it was in the early 17th Century that medicine began toContinue reading “History of Medicine – From Magic to Science to Wellbeing”