A Healthier Medicare – MBS item numbers

Further to my previous blog post (see New Item Numbers in Medicare could help Save Billions!) as far as achieving the desired aims of both the Primary Health Care Advisory Group and Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce, I would recommend the following new or adjusted item numbers.

  • Preventing PPHA (Potentially Preventable Hospital Admissions) as set out in my previous blog post
  • Preventive ePROMs for Population Health Management by GPs – under this item number  General Practitioners collect via ePROMs each individual’s Body Mass Index and key Behavioural risk factors (smoking, alcohol consumption and fruit and vegetable consumption along with their physical activity data) and thereby accumulate annually their total GP population profile such as percentage smokers, percentage excess alcohol consumption, percentage obese etc. The GP then prescribes ‘lifescripts’ health apps with the aim to achieve a small percentage improvement in her or his population profile for the coming year. You can find the full ePROM here 
  • Chronic Disease Management Item Numbers – these item number requirements be altered to include the use of  at least one generic and one disease specific ePROMs that requires the GP to set an ePROM quantified goal for  the sufferer of that specific chronic disease and leads to the prescription of an ePROM treatment or health app, in addition to the team care arrangement.

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