The Emperor’s New Clothes

Western Health Systems Management Errors.

There are a number of fundamental management theory mistakes, that continue today that have led to under-performance and continue to do so that I will highlight in the next few blogs.

1 Failure to define and then measure the correct objectives of the healthcare system.

There have always been 4 objectives,goals or aims and these are: prolonging life, restoring function,relieving distress and preventing disease and disability.Only prolonging life has been measured by life expectancies.The other 3 objectives can now not only be measured but can be measured in individual patients with minimal patient burden by utilising ePROMs,as set out in the eHealthier website.These are known as Functional ePROMs, Cared-For ePROMs,and Preventive ePROMs.Until these are used in daily clinical,hospital and population management practice,western health systems will continue to underperform



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