Western healthcare managerial errors

2. Aligning accountability with responsibility

Wellness (“Wellbeing”) Programmes offered by employers would be better provided by Primary Care Physicians. Good management practice aligns responsibility with accountability.

Employer-run wellness programmes make the management mistake of separating responsibility from accountability.

Should an employee develop a non-work related illness, e.g. “kidney disease”, is the employer accountable?

Physicians are being held accountable for prevention for which they have no responsibility.  Giving physicians the capacity to measure the preventive ePROMs and take corrective action, aligns responsibility with accountability.

Currently the cost of healthcare in Australia is $155 billion per year and wellness programmes are run by employers.

I should not be the only kid on the block who points out that this makes no sense, the emperor has no clothes.

Those providing healthcare are not providing the “health” part of healthcare

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